581.Which statement is the true

A. Inside of the thigh is lateral to the outside of the thigh
B. The shoulder is lateral with the neck *
C. The knee is lateral to the hip side
D. The ankle is medial to with the foot

582.The Study of tissues is called as

A. Histology *
B. Anatomy and physiology
C. Cytology
D. Pathology

583.Bone cells are called as

A. Chondrocytes
B. Erythrocytes
C. Leukocytes
D. Osteocytes *

584. The tissue which is found in the abdomen and under the skin is Called

A. Nerve tissues
B. Skeletal tissues
C. Cardiac tissues
D. Adipose tissue *

585.Finger-like projections which help in Absorption

A. Microvilli *
B. Cilia
C. Flagellum
D. Houses

586.Bone matrix and cartilage can be differentiated by the presence of

A. Lacunae
B. Chromatophores
C. Haversian canals *
D. Adipose tissue

587.The tissue which binds and supports other tissues is called

A. Connective tissue *
B. Linkage tissue
C. Muscle tissue
D. Nervous tissue

588.Which factors come first under the social environment and disturb the homeostasis process

A. Temperature
B. Lack of O2 (Oxygen)
C. Blood glucose level
D. None of the above *

589. What separates one sarcomere from another sarcomere

A. I-band
B. H-zone
C. Z-discs *
D. A-band

590.When the transmission of the signal is electrical occurs

A. When sigma travels along the axon *
B. Signal flows from one nerve cell to another nerve cell
C. Never
D. Always

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