551. Hyaline cartilage
A.Unable to be deformed
B.Regrows in new cartilage
C.Forms epiphyseal growth plates

552. Regarding parasympathetic nervous system
A.Supply all viscera
B.Have connector cells in brainstem and sacrum

553. With regard to cartilage all are true except
A.Epiphyseal growth plates are made of hyaline cartilage
B.Intervertebral discs and menisci of the knee are fibrocartilage
C.The epiglottis is elastic cartilage
D.All types of cartilage are prone to calcification with age
E.Fibrocartilage has a blood supply

554. With regards to muscle all are true except
A.The muscle cell and muscle fibre are the same thing
B.There are 2 different types of muscle, skeletal and smooth
C.Skeletal muscle fibres are multinucleated
D.Intrafusal muscle fibres are innervated by gamma motor neurons of the anterior horn
E.Muscle spindles are a sensory receptor

555. all are true of bones except
A.Volkmann’s canals usually run at right angles to Haversian canals
B.Blood vessels run in the periosteum
C.Periosteum is osteogenic
D.Endosteum is osteogenic
E.The nutrient artery of the shaft is the main source of blood supply to the bone

556. In terms of joints all are true except
A.Epiphyses are cartilaginous joints
B.The pubic symphysis is a 2ndary cartilaginous joint
C.The synovial membrane of synovial joint lines the capsule, non-articulating surfaces and hyaline cartilage
D.The knee joint contains about 0.5mL of synovial fluid
E.Hiltons law describes the nerve supply to joints and overlying skin

557. With regards to bone, all are true except
A.The end of the shaft in contact with the epiphyseal plate is the metaphysis
B.The metaphysis is supplied by capillary loops from the nutrient artery
C.The epiphysis has no blood supply
D.The epiphysis eventually ossify
E.Once the epiphysis ossify it establishes a blood supply with the metaphysis

558. 20.All are true about the nerve supply to the body wall except
A.Posterior rami of spinal nn supply the extensor mm of the vertebral column
B.Anterior rami supply all other muscles of the trunk
C.Each posterior rami divides into an anterior and posterior branch
D.The posterior ramus of C1 has no cutaneous branch
E.No posterior ramus ever supplies skin or muscle of a limb

559. all are true about anterior rami except
A.the anterior ramus runs with the segmental artery between transversus abdominus and internal oblique
B.where the spinal nerve and artery cross, the artery lies nearer the skin
C.the segmental nerve enters the abdominus and passes to the overlying skin while the segmental artery ends in the flank muscles
D.the intercostal nerve has a lateral and anterior branch
E.anterior rami of the lower 6 thoracic nerves supply the anterior abdominal wall

560. All are true about dermatomes except
A.The sympathetic grey ramus that accompanies each spinal nerve does not continue to the skin
B.The axial line is the line of junction of 2 dermatomes supplied from discontinuous spinal levels
C.There is no overlap of dermatomes over axial lines
D.The skin of the middle finger is C7
E.The skin of the umbilicusis T10

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