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61. All of the following muscles are supplied by the mandibular nerve except_______________?

A. Masseter
B. Buccinator
C. Medial pterygoid
D. Anterior belly of digastric

62. Tumor infiltrating into the formen ovale will cause all EXCEPT_______________?

A. Anesthesia of TMJ
B. Paralysis of tensor tympani
C. Paranesthesia of lips
D. Paralysis of stylohyoid

63. Maxillary nerve innervates all of the following except______________?

A. Ala of the nosa and lower eyelid
B. The upper cheeks
C. Gingiva of the maxilla
D. Temporomandibular joint

64. All of the following structures are associated with branches of the trigeminal nerve EXCEPT the______________?

A. Foramen ovale
B. Foramen rotundum
C. Superior orbital fissure
D. Stylomastoid foramen

65. A person has inability to look downwards and laterally. The nerve injured is_____________?

A. Occulomotor
B. Trochlear
C. Trigeminal
D. Ophthalmic

66. Skin over the prominence of the cheek is supplied by _______________?

A. Zygomaticofacial
B. Zygmoaticotemporal
C. Auriculotemporal
D. Infra trochlear

67. Sphenoidal air sinus is supplied by ________ nerve?

A. Posterior ethmoidal nerve
B. Posterior superior alveolar nerve
C. Sphenoidal nerve
D. Infratemporal nerve

68. The nasal septum is supplied by all the following except_____________?

A. Nasopalatine nerve
B. Posterior ethmoidal nerve
C. Pterygopalatine ganglion
D. Nasociliary nerve

69. The maxillary nerve exits the cranium through which foramen ______________?

A. Ovale
B. Rotundum
C. Stylomastoid
D. Inferior orbital fissure

70. Which of the following nerves are branches of mandibular nerve ?

A. Lingual, facial and palatine nerve
B. Lingual and inferior alveolar nerves
C. Inferior alveolar and cervical nerves
D. All of the above


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