491. 1st arch artery is_________________?
A. Maxillary artery
B. Mandibular artery
C. Carotid artery
D. Stapedial artery

492. The period of embryo extends_______________?
A. From the end of first week till the eight week
B. from the period of ovum till the tenth week
C. From oogenesis till the eight week
D. From fertilization till the eight week

493. Failure of descent of thyroid analage can be seen in the tongue_________________?
A. In anterior 2/3 of dorsal aspect
B. In posterior 1/3 of dorsal aspect
C. Near the base of tongue close to foraman caecum
D. In anterior 2/3 of inferior surface

494. Palatine tonsil develops from________________?
A. Dorsal part of II pharyneal pouches
B. Ventral part of II pharyneal pouches
C. Dorsal part of III pharyneal pouches
D. Ventral part of I pharyneal pouches

495. Hyoid bone is a derivative of_______________?
A. First pharyngeal arch
B. First and second pharyngeal arches
C. Second and third pharyngeal arches
D. Fourth pharyngeal arch

496. Derivative of second pharyngeal arch is________________?
A. Spheno Mandibular Ligament
B. Stylomandibular ligament
C. Anterior ligament of Malleus
D. Stylohyoid Ligament

497. Thyroid gland develops rom________________?
A. Thyroglossal duct
B. Rathke’s pouch
C. Notochordal process
D. Embryonal disc

498. External auditory meatus develops from___________________?
A. Dorsal part of 1st ectodermal pouch
B. Dorsal part of 2nd cleft
C. Dorsal part of 3rd ectodermal pouch
D. Sixth branchial arch

499. The growth and development in the craniofacial region occurs in following order_______________?
A. The head first, then width of face and length (or) depth of face after wards.
B. the width of face, then head and length (or) depth of face after wards
C. The length ( or) depth of face then width of face and the head
D. The head first , length (or) depth of face and then width of face

500. All of the following cells are of endodermal origin except______________?
A. Hepatocytes
B. Epithelial cells of the intestine
C. Odontoblasts
D. Goblet cells


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