711. Charcot’s artery of cerebral haemorhage is a branch of _____________.

A. Anterior Cerebral artery
B. Middle Cerebral artery *
C. Postrior Cerebral artery
D. Basilar artery

712. All the veins drain to coronary sinus except__________.

A. Great cardiac vein
B. Oblique vein of LA
C. Anterior Cardiac Vein *
D. Right marginal Vein

713. Tail of pancrease is a content of _____________.

A. Gastroplenic ligament
B. Lesser omentum
C. Coronary Ligament
D. Linorenal ligament *

714. Corticospinal tract is present in which part of internal capsule___________.

A. Anterior Limb
B. Genus
C. Posterior Limb *
D. Sublentiform part.

715. Inferior venacava pierces diaptragm at___________.

A. T8 Vertebra *
B. T10 Vertebra
C. T12 Vertebra
D. L1 Vertebra

716. Preganglionic sympathetic nerve leaves spinal cord through____________.

A. White ramus *
B. Gray ramus
C. Dorsal ramus
D. Ventral ramus

717. All the muscles of tongue are supplied by hypoglosaal nerve except__________.

A. Hyoglossus
B. Palatoglosus *
C. Styloglossus
D. Genioglosus

718. Action of sartorius is_____________.

A. Flexion of hip and extension of knee
B. Extension of hip and knee
C. Extension of hip and flextion of knee
D. Flexion of hip and knee *

719. Poplitteus unlocks the knee by ____________.

A. Rotating femur medially on tibia
B. Rotating Femur Laterally on tibia *
C. Displacingh patella medially
D. None of the above

720. Interior Epigastric artery is a branch of _____________.

A. Femoral artery
B. Internal Iliac artery
C. External Iliac artery *
D. Common Iliac artery