Academic tasks provide 2000+ basic and advanced level of General Anatomy MCQs with answers and detailed explanations. In this section, we focus on all areas of MCQs on General Anatomy subject and cover all important topics of human and general anatomy like Embryology, Muscles of Head and Neck, Osteology, Salivary & Thyroid Glands, Vascular Supply of Head and Neck, Mouth, Pharynx, Larynx, Nerve Supply of Head and Neck, Tongue– and much more. All these topics are chosen from trusted and best reference books on General Anatomy. These human and general anatomy MCQs are also helpful for the preparation of interviews, entrance examinations, other competitive examinations, and certifications for all Experienced, Freshers, and Students. Also, check MCQs on Oral Anatomy here.

31. Chorda tympani contain_______________?

A. Preganglionic sympathetic fibres
B. Preganglionic parasympathetic fibres
C. Postganglionic sympathetic fibres
D. Postganglionic parasympathetic fibres

32. The nerve supply for motor action of buccinator______________?

A. Facial nerve
B. Mandibular nerve
C. Maxillary nerve
D. Auriculo temporal nerve

33. All of the following muscles are supplied by the facial nerve except_______________?

A. Stapedius
B. Occipitofrontalis
C. Anterior belly of digastric
D. Buccinator

34. Anterior belly of digastric is supplied by_______________?

A. Mylohyoid nerve
B. Branch of facial nerve
C. Branch of cervical plexus
D. Hypoglossal nerve

35. Trigeminal nerve has how many nuclei in CNS______________?

A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. Six

36. Facial nerve_______________?

A. Mixed nerve
B. Sensory nerve
C. Motor nerve
D. Parasympathertic nerve

37. The nerve supply of stapedius muscle is______________?

A. III cranial nerve
B. V cranial nerve
C. VII cranial nerve
D. XI cranial nerve

38. Smiling and frowning are actions produced by the following nerves _______________?

A. Mastication; trigeminal ( V cranial )
B. mastication; facial ( VII cranial )
C. Facial expression; trigeminal ( V cranial )
D. Facial expression; facial ( VII cranial)

39. In right facial nerve damage ________________?

A. There is paralysis of facial muscles
B. There is paralysis of muscles of mastication
C. Paralysis of vocal cords
D. A and B

40. Branches of facial nerve are_______________?

A. Digastric
B. Stylohyoid
C. Posterior auricular
D. All of the above


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