651. Attachment to first rib are all except

A. Scalenus anticus
B. Scalenus Medius
C. Scalenus posticus *
D. Suprapleural membrane

652. Infection of index finger spreads to

A. Midpalma space
B. Radial Bursa
C. Thenar Bursa *
D. Dorsum of Hand

653. Clara cells are found in _____________-.

A. Trachea
B. Bronchiole *
C. Alveoli
D. Esphagus

654. Nerve supply to stapedius is from__________

A. Facial *
B. Mandibular
C. Maxillary
D. Glosspharyngeal

655. Cowper’s Glands are found in

A. Membranous urethra *
B. Prostatic Urethra
C. Penile urethra
D. Prpuce

656. The epoploic formen is relatd to

A. Heptic artery superiorly
B. Bile duct anteriorly *
C. Portal vein posteriorly
D. All of the above

657. Blood brain barrier is bsent in the region of _________

A. Area postreama *
B. Cerebral Cortex
C. Thalamus
D. Choroid Plexus

658.All are branches of celiac plexus except__________________

A. Splentic artery
B. Inferior phrenic artery *
C. Hepatic artery
D. Left gastric artery

659. True of Bochdalek hernia___________________.

A. Common on right side
B. Anteriorly placed
C. Lung hypoplasia *
D. all of the above

660. Structure passing deep to flexor retinaculum in leg is __________

A.Tibialis anterior
B. Posterior tibial artery *
C. Extensor hallucis longs
D. Saphenous vein