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221. Surgical excision of parotid gland endangers which of the following structures ______________?
A. Hypoglossal nerve
B. Motor nerve of the muscles of mastication
C. External carotid artery, auriculotemporal nerve, facial nerve
D. Lesser occipital nerve and spinal accessory nerve

222. Duct of parotid gland crosses over masseter muscle and pierces the___________?
A. Buccinator muscle
B. Superior constrictor
C. Masseter
D. Zygomaticus major

223. All the following nerves may be injured while doing excision of submandibular salivary glands except______________?
A. Lingual nerve
B. Spinal accessory nerve
C. Mandibular branch of facial nerve
D. Hypoglossal nerve

224. Submandibular gland is situated in____________?
A. Digastric triangle
B. Carotid triangle
C. Muscular triangle
D. Deep to hyoglossus muscle

225. Tongue movement has its primary effect on______________?
A. Palatoglossus arch
B. Facial musculature
C. Lips
D. Cheeks

226. Palsy of the right genioglossus causes______________?
A. Deviation of tongue to right
B. Deviation of tongue to left
C. Deviation of soft palate to right
D. deviation of soft palate to left

227. Deep surface of Hyoglossus is related to_____________?
A. Lingual nerve
B. Hypoglossal nerve
C. Submandibular Ganglion
D. Glossopharyngeal nerve

228. Which of the following muscle of tongue runs from dorsum of tongue to ventral_____________?
A. Verticalis
B. Superior longitudinal
C. Inferior longitudinal
D. Transverse

229. The extrinsic muscles that aid in depressing the tongue are the ___________?
A. Genioglossi and hyoglossi
B. Genioglossi and palatoglossal
C. Hyoglossi and styloglossi
D. Styloglossi and palatoglossal

230. The muscles of the tongue are supplied by_____________?
A. Glossopharyngeal nerve
B. Lingual nerve
C. Chorda tympani
D. Hypoglossal


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