671. Adductor canal contains all except__.

A. Femoral artery
B. Fermoral Vein
C. Saphenous nerve *
D. Femoral Nerve

672. Conjoint tendon is formed by __________________.

A. External and Internal Oblique
B. Internal Oblique and Transverse abdominis *
C. Internal Oblique
D. Pyramidalis.

673. True of main bronchi is_______.

A. Right bronchus vertical and broader *
B. Left Bronchus vertical and narrower
C. Left Bronchus oblique and Broader
D. Right Bronchus Oblique and narrower

674. Anterior cruciate ligament is attached to _________.

A. Medial part of anterior intercondylar area *
B. Lateral part of Medial condyle
C. Medial part of Lateral Condyle
D. Later part of Lateral condyle.

675. Space of dissi in__________

A. Spleen *
B. Liver
C. Lympnode
D. Brain

676. Glans Penis drains to which Lymphnodes______.

A. Superficial inguinal
B. Deep Inguinal *
C. Ext. Iliac
D. Paraaortic

677. All are opening in posterior urethra excep_____________.

A. Ejaculatory duct
B. Prostatic Duct
C. Blubourethral gland *
D. Prostatic utricle

678. Facial Nerve supply is to all except________________.

A. Lacrimal gland
B. Submandibular gland
C. parotid gland *
D. nasal glands

679. First carpometacarpal joint is __________.

A. Hinge Joint
B. Saddle Joint *
C. Ellipsoid Joint
D. Synovial Joint

680. Corona radiata of ovum is formed from__________.

A. Cummulus Ovaricus
B. Zona Pellucida
C. Formative Yolk
D. Follicular Cells *

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