621. Corpus callosum unites______.

A. Two Basal ganglia
B. two cerebral hemispheres *
C. Two cerebellar cortics
D. two abducent nuclei

622. All the following are modifications of external oblique except

A. Linea alba
B. Lacnar ligament
C. Conjoint tendon *
D. Inguinal Ligament.

623. Great cardiac vein lies in_______

A. Anterior interventricuar groove *
B. Coronary sulcus
C. Poseterior Interventricular groove
D. Atrioventricular groove

624. True of coronary sinus is

A. lies in atrioventricular groove
B. opens into right atrium
C. Drains small, middle and great caridac veins
D. All of the above *

625. True of deep inguinal ring is

A. Defect in fascia transversalis *
B. Lies just above and alteral to pubic tubercle
C. Transmits deep inferior epigastric artery
D. All are true

626. Ligamentum arteriosum is the attachment between

A. Pulmonary trunk and arch of aorta
B. Left Pulmonary artery and arch of aorta *
C. Right Pulmonary artery and arch of aorta
D. Ascending and descending Aorta

627. Azygous vein drains into

A. Right atrium
B. SVC *
D. Coronary Sinus

628. Structure attached to tip of coracoid process

A. Coraco calvicular ligament
B. Pectoralis Minor
C. Both heads of biceps
D. Coraco brachialis and short head of biceps. *

629. Third Bentricle is placed between

A. Two thalami *
B. Two temporal lobes
C. Two parietal Lobes
D. Pons and midbrain

630. Which Muscle is attahed to trochanteric fossa

A. Obturator internus
B. Obturator Externus *
C. Piriformis
D. Iliacus.

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