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181. All of the following supply TMJ except_____________?

A. External carotid artery
B. Internal Maxillary artery
C. Transverse facial artery
D. Branches supplying lateral pterygoid

182. Tributary of the cavernous sinus includes all of the following, except ?

A. Superior petrosal sinus
B. Inferior petrosal sinus
C. Superficial middle cerebral vein
D. Deep middle cerebral vein

183. Infection spreading via lymphatics from the lower lip first enter the blood stream at the___________?

A. Brachiocephalic vein
B. Inferior labial vein
C. Inferior labial artery
D. Pterygoid venous plexus

184. Internal thoracic veins are tributaries of the______________?

A. Azygos
B. Subclavian
C. Internal jugular
D. Brachiocephalic

185. Treatment of choice for subgaleal hematoma_______________?

A. Incision and evacuation
B. Needle aspiration
C. Antibiotics and then drain
D. Conservative

186. Facial vein communicates with the cavernous sinus through______________?

A. Retromolar vein and internal jugular vein
B. External jugular vein and internal jugular vein
C. Internal jugular vein and retromandibular vein
D. Superior ophtalmic vein and pterygoid venous plexus

187. Carotid sheath contains all except______________?

A. Carotid artery
B. Internal jugular vein
C. Vagus nerve
D. Phrenic nerve

188. The artery , which runs along , the lower border of posterior belly of digastric is_______________?

A. Lingual
B. Ascending pharyngeal
C. Occipital
D. Palatine

189. The middle meningeal artery____________?

A. Enters the skull through the foramen ovale
B. Supplies the superolateral surface of the ipislateral cerebral hemisphere
C. Runs a subdural course within the cranial cavity
D. Gives an interior branch which runs deep to the pterion

190. Right anterior quadrant of the scalp is supplied by the following arteries EXCEPT______________?

A. Right supra orbital artery
B. Right supra trochlear artery
C. Right superficial temporal artery
D. Right maxillary artery