331. Which one of the following muscles of the soft palate supplied by the mandibular nerve______________?
A. Levator palati
B. Palat glossus
C. Tensor palati
D. Musculus uvulae

332. ‘Wry neck’ deformity is due to the damage of______________?
A. Platysma
B. Sternohyoid
C. Sternocleidomastoid
D. Omohyoid

333. Middle constrictor of pharynx has attachment from________________?
A. Body of hyoid bone
B. Mandible
C. Pterygomandibular raphae
D. Cricoid cartilage

334. When the jaw is opened________________?
A. Condyles move upwards
B. Articular disc moves posteriorly
C. Lateral pterygoids contract
D. Condyles moves around vertical axis

335. The lacrimal gland is located in a groove which is overlap by_______________?
A. Levator palpebrae superioris muscle
B. Lateral rectus
C. inferior oblique
D. Superior oblique

336. The disc of the tempero mandibular joint moves forward principally by________________?
A. Condyle
B. Stylo mandibular ligament
C. Medial pterygoid muscle
D. Lateral pterygoid muscle

337. Among the muscles of TMJ the following muscle opposing stabilizing and antagonistic muscle force as far as the disc is concerned_____________?
A. Medial pterygoid
B. Temporalis
C. Lateral pterygoid
D. External pterygoid

338. Temporalis muscle is inserted into_______________?
A. Levator palpebrae superioris
B. Dilator naris
C. Orbicularis oculi
D. Occipitofrontalis

339. Abduction of eyeballs is by the action of_______________?
A. Lateral rectus, superior oblique and the inferior oblique
B. Medial rectus superior rectus and the inferior rectus
C. superior oblique and the superior rectus
D. Inferior oblique and the inferior rectus

340. Which of the following is correctly matched_______________?
A. Doubt – mentalis
B. Surprise – frontalis or epicranius
C. Grief – Depressor angauli oris
D. Contempt – Zygomatic minor
E. All the above