561. All are true of myotomes except
A.Hip flexion L2,3
B.Knee extension L4,5
C.Elbow flexion C5,6
D.Wrist flexion and extension both C6,7
E.Intrinsics of hand T1

562. The approximate vertebral levels of
A.Transpyloric plane = L2
B.Cricoid cartilage = C3
C.Oesophagealopening in the diaphragm = T8
D.Division of common carotids = C5
E.Aortic bifurcation = L4

563. All of the following muscles have 2 different nerve supplies except
B.Adductor magnus
C.Tibialis anterior
D.Dorsal palmar interossei

564. All of the following nerves pass between the 2 heads of a muscle except
B.Deep peroneal
E.Posterior IO

565. Hypophysis cerebri is supplied by________________?
A. Internal carotid
B. External carotid
C. Maxillary artery
D. Facial artery

567. Vertebral artery is a branch of _________________?
A. Subclavian artery
B. Internal caroited artery
C. External carotide artery
D. Superficial temporal artery

568. Largest vein of face is_______________?
A. Facial vein
B. Retromandibular vein
C. Posterior auricular
D. Supratrochlear

569. The main arterial supply of face_______________?
A. Superficial temporal
B. Maxillary
C. Facial
D. Internal carotid artery
570. Internal jugular vein is a continuation of______________?
A. Common Facial Vein
B. External Jugular Vein
C. Sigmoid Sinus
D. Superior Petrosal Sinus

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