701. All the intrinsic muscle of larynx are supplied by recurrent larngeal except________

A. Thyroary tenoid
B. Posterior cricoarytenoid
C. Cricothyroid *
D. Transverse arytenrid

702. During abduction of arm benyond 90 degree upward rotation of scapula is produced by ______.

A. Deltoid
B. Ant fibers of trapezius
C. Upp fibers of serratus anterior
D. Trapezius and serratous anterior *

703. Infection of pulp space of little may spread to __________.

A. Radia Bursa
B. Ulnar Bursa *
C. Hypothenar Space
D. Thenar Space

704. Musculo cutaneous nerve is a branch of which cord of brachial plexus___________.

A. Postrior
B. Medial
C. Lateral *

705. Lateral planter nerve supplies all except________________.

A. Flexor halluce’s brevis *
B. Third planter interossecous
C. Flexor digitorum accessories
D. Fexor digit minimi brevis

706. Lymphatic drainage of gland penis is to _____________.

A. Superficial inguinal lymph nodes
B. Deep inguinal lymph nodes *
C. Para aortic Lymph nodes
D. Pre aortic Lymph nodes

707. Transplyloric plane passes through ______

A. L1 vertebra *
B. L2 Vertebra
C. L3 Vertebra
D. T12 Vetebra

708. SA node is situated at ______________.

A. Fossa ovails
B. Sulcus terminalis
C. Upper end of crysta terminalis *
D. Opening of coronary sinus

709. All pass through foramen ovale except_______________-.

A. Accessory meningeal artery
B. Lesser petrosal nerve
C. Maxillary Nerve *
D. Emisssary Vein

710. Eye movement produced by inferior oblique is _________________.

A. Elevation,abduction,extorsion *
B. Elevation,abduction,intorsion
C. Depression,abduction,Extorsion

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