431. The oesophagus commences at the following level_________?
A. Lower end of cricoid
B. C5 vertebra
C. 10 cm from incisor teeth
D. C7

432. The inferior surface of the heart is formed by_________________?
A. Right and left ventricle
B. Right atrium and ventricle
C. Interventricular septum
D. I.V.C. and right ventricle

433. Ducts of Bellini are found in_____________?
A. Pancreas
B. Submandibular salivary gland
C. Kidney
D. Liver

434. The kidney has _______ segments?
A. 11
B. 9
C. 7
D. 5

435. Liver is divided into______________?
A. 8 Couinaud Segments
B. 7 Couinaud Segments
C. 9 Couinaud Segments
D. 10 Couinaud Segments3

436. Suprasternal space contains the following structures except_____________?
A. Jugular Arch
B. Anterior Jugular Vein
C. Sternal head of Sternocleidomastoid
D. External Jugular Vein

437. External ear cartilage is___________________?
A. Elastic
B. Hyaline
C. Fibrous
D. All of the above

438. The anterior triangle occupy the side of the neck in front of sternomastoid muscle. Each triangle presents boundaries in front______________?
A. Anterior median line of the neck extending from symphysis menti to supra sternal notch
B. The midline of the neck
C. Midline of the neck upto the sternoclavicular joint
D. Posterior border of thyroid gland

439. Unpaired structure in the brain_______________?
A. Basilar artery
B. Vertebral artery
C. Middle cerebral artery
D. Anterior cerebral artery

440. IN an adult, the spinal cord end at the level of_______________?
A. Lower border of LI
B. L2
C. L3
D. L4


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