361. Muscles spared by complete transaction of cranial part of accessory nerve_______________?
A. Cricopharyngeus
B. Palatopharyngeus
C. Stylopharyngeus
D. Salpingopharyngeus

362. Which of the following is not an intrinsic muscle of eye ?
A. Dilator papillae
B. Sphincter papillae
C. Levator palpebrae superioris
D. Cilliary muscle

363. The posterior bellies of digastric muscle are especially active during________________?
A. Swallowing and speech
B. Swallowing and smiling
C. Swallowing and chewing
D. Swallowing and frowning

364. All of the following muscles are attached to oblique line of thyroid cartilage except_______________?
A. Superior constrictor
B. Inferior constrictor
C. Thyrohyoid
D. Sternothyroid

365. Hypolossal nerve is________________?
A. Purely sensory
B. Purely motor
C. Mixed
D. Spinal nerve

366. All of the following are digastrics, except ?
A. Muscle fibres in the liqament of Treitz
B. Omohyoid
C. Occipitofrontalis
D. Sternocleidomastoid

367. The palatal muscle that ends in a tendon that hooks around the hamulus and is inserted in the palate is the_________________?
A. Palatoglossus
B. Tensor veli palatini
C. Levator veli palatini
D. Palatopharyngeus

368. The following ligaments are present in temporomandibulai joint except________________?
A. Lateral temporomandibular ligament
B. Sphenomandibular ligament
C. Stylomandibular liqament
D. Alar liqament

369. Genioglossus Muscle is attached in the posterior surface of symphysis menti in the________________?
A. Mental spines
B. Superior genial tubercle
C. The inferior genial tubercle
D. Just above the lower border of mandible

370. Which of the following is / are fan shaped_______________?
A. Middle constrictor
B. Temporolis
C. Both of the above
D. None of the above