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81. Ptosis is due to damage of _____________?

A. Occulomotor nerve
B. Abducens nerve
C. Trochlear nerve
D. Facial nerve

82. Unilateral supranuclear lesion of facial nerve involves______________?

A. Whole of face
B. Only ipsilateral upper part of the face
C. Only contra lateral lower part of the face
D. Whole of lower face

83. Lacrimation does not occur when facial nerve injury is at_____________?

A. Geniculate ganglion
B. In semicircular canal
C. At sphenopalatine ganglia
D. At mastoid foramen

84. Which of the following does not pass through cavernous sinus ?

A. Occulomotor ( III) nerve
B. Traochlear nerve
C. Medial cerebral artery
D. Trigeminal nerve

85. When a patient is asked to say ” ah” if the uvula is drawn upwards to the left, the cranial nerve likely to be damaged is____________?

A. Vagus
B. Rt accessory
C. Lt accessory
D. Hypoglossal

86. The cranial nerves which are part of parasympathetic card via_____________?


87. Injury to the median nerve occurs frequently when following artery is used for taking an ABG sample _____________?

A. Radial artery
B. Brachial artery
C. External carotid artery
D. Femoral artery

88. All the cranial nerves provide innervations for the structures in the head and neck EXCEPT one, the additionally supplies the thorax and abdomen_____________?

A. Glossopharyngeal
B. Spinal accessory
C. Vagus
D. Hypoglossal

89. Nerve supply to vocal cords is by_____________?

A. Internal laryngeal nerve
B. Recurrent laryngeal nerve
C. Superior laryngeal nerve
D. Internal and recurrent laryngeal nerve

90. All of the following carry proprioception from head and neck except______________?

A. Facial nerve
B. Trigeminal nerve
C. Glossopharyngeal nerve
D. Cranial accessory nerve


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