271. What is the number of bones a neonate has in the skeleton ?
A. 270
B. 250
C. 230
D. 206

272. Which of the following is located medial to the third molar at the junction of the maxilla and the horizontal plate of the palatine bone_____________?
A. Posterior nasal spine
B. Mylohyoid line
C. Pterygoid Hamulus
D. Greater palatine foramen

273. The orbital opening is somewhat_______________?
A. Quadrangular
B. Oval
C. Oblong
D. Circular

274. Which of the following is the weakest part of the orbit ?
A. Medial wall
B. Lateral wall
C. Floor of the orbit
D. Roof of the orbit

275. Which out of the following bones ossify first ?
A. Mandible
B. Nasal bone
C. Vomer
D. Occipital

276. The joint between the atlas and axis is_________________?
A. Synovial
B. Closely related to the first cervical nerves
C. All ow rotation of the head
D. Supported by the alar ligaments

277. The first costochondral joint is a_______________?
A. Fibrous joint
B. Synovial joint
C. Fmosis
D. Synarthrosis

278. Mental spines provide attachment to_____________?
A. Genioglossus
B. Anterior & Posterior bellies of digastric
C. Mylohyoid
D. Superior constrictor of pharynx

279. Which vertebra has the most prominent spine______________?
A. C2
B. C7
C. T10
D. L2

280. Which structures pass through infra orbital fissurs______________?
A. Superior ophthalmic vein
B. Ophthalmic artery
C. Trochlear nerve
D. Zygomatic nerve


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