391. Epithelium in vocal card is_________________?
A. Pseudo stratified columnar
B. stratified squamous
C. Simple columnar
D. Cuboidal epithelium

392. The second stage of deglutition is characterized by________________?
A. Elevation of larynx
B. Mometary apnoea
C. Peristalsis of Pharyngo esophageal shpincter
D. Relaxation of pharyngeal constrictors

393. Main motor nerve supply to the pharynx is_____________?
A. Vagus nerve
B. Accessory nerve
C. Glossopharyngeal nerve
D. Facial nerve

394. The weakest part of pharynx is______________?
A. Sinus of morgangini
B. Between thyropharyngeus and crico- pharyngeus
C. Pyriforma fossa
D. Pharyngeal recess

395. The place where the hard palate is continuous with soft palate posteriorly is overlapped by________________?
A. Alveolar periosteum
B. Periosteum
C. Mucoperiosteum
D. An aponeurosis

396. Nasopharynx consists of all except_______________?
A. Pyriform recess
B. Pharyngeal recess
C. Pharyngeal tonsil
D. Salpingopharyngeal fold

397. Cricothyroid is supplied by_______________?
A. Vagus
B. Recurrent laryngeal nerve
C. Hypoglossal nerve
D. Superior laryngeal nerve

398. Which of the following muscle is attached to posterior part of pterygomandibular raphe ?
A. Lateral pterygoid
B. Buccinator
C. Superior constrictor
D. Medial pterygoid

399. Which of the following statements regarding middle constrictor muscle is wrong__________________?
A. Lies on superior constrictor
B. Lymph from it drains in the deep cervical lymph nodes
C. Has sensory innervation from vagus
D. Is a derivative of the second pharyngeal arch

400. The maxillary air sinus opens into middle meatus at______________?
A. Infundibulum
B. Summit of infundibulum
C. Bulla ethmoidalis
D. Hiatus semilunaris


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