571. The ascending palatine artery is a branch of ________________?
A. Ascending pharyngeal artery
B. First part of the facial artery
C. Pterygopalatine part of the maxillary artery
D. Sphenopalatine theory

572. Origin of maxillary artery ________________?
A. Angle of mandible
B. Neck of condyle
C. Body of mandible
D. Coronoid

573. The External Jugular vein ___________________ ?
A. Lies deep to the sternocleidomastoid muscle
B. It drains into Internal Jugular vein
C. It is formed by the union of the posterior auricular vein and posterior division of the retromandibular vein
D. It pierces pre- tracheal layer of cervical fascia before termination

574. External maxillary artery is a branch of_____________?
A. Internal carotid artery
B. External carotid artery
C. Second part of trigeminal
D. Facial artery

575. The number of branches of the internal carotid artery in the neck is____________?
A. None
B. One
C. Two
D. Four

576. The main function of connective tissue is

A. Binding together with other tissues
B. Supporting various parts of the human body
C. Forming a packing around the organs
D. All of the above *

577.Below which of the following statements is not wrong

A. Epithelial tissue has its blood vessels and nerves tissue, organs
B. The basement membrane is present between the epithelium tissue and connective tissue *
C. Cuboidal cells are present in the transitional epithelium tissue when it’s stretched
D. All of the Above correct

578.What does the basement membrane Connection

A. A Body house to the ground
B. Epithelium to connective tissue *
C. Muscle to the bone
D. Bone to bone connection

579.Which one is a flat structure
A. Squamous tissue *
B. Cuboidal tissue
C. Columnar tissue
D. Transitional

580.Which type of epithelium has a function to move particles & mucus into a  specific direction

A. Squamous epithelium tissue
B. Cuboidal epithelium tissue
C. Columnar epithelium tissue
D. Ciliated epithelium tissue *



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