461. . Space of Disse is seen in______________?
A. Spleen
B. Kidney
C. Liver
D. Small intestine

462. Elastic cartilage is found in_________________?
A. Auditory tube
B. Nasal septum
C. Articular cartilage
D. Costal cartilage

463. Holocrine secretion is seen in_____________?
A. Salivary
B. Mammary
C. Sebaceous glands
D. Gastric

464. Haversian system is seen in______________?
A. Cortical bone
B. Cancellous bone
C. Teeth
D. Nail

465. ” Dacryocystitis” is interruption in drainage of________________?
A. Submandibular gland
B. Parotid gland
C. Lacrimal gland
D. Sublingual gland

466. The anatomical division in the right middle lobe of lung is______________?
A. Right and left
B. Anterior and posterior
C. Medial & Lateral
D. Apical and inferior

467. Level III neck nodes are____________?
A. In the sub- mental triangle
B. In the posterior triangle
C. In the midline from hyoid to suprasternal notch
D. around the middle 1/3rd of internal jugular vein

468. Part of the heart lying in front of oesophagus_____________?
A. Left atrium
B. Left ventricle
C. Right ventricle
D. Right atrium

469. In adults, the spinal cord normal ends at______________?
A. Lower border of LI
B. Lower border of L3
C. Lower border of S1
D. Lower border of L5

470. Visual cortex is present in the_____________?
A. Occipital lobe
B. Temporal lobe
C. Frontal lobe
D. Parietal lobe


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