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21. Pregarglionic parasympatnetic fibres to the Otic ganglion are carried in the______________?

A. Greater petrosal nerve
B. Lesser petrosal nerve
C. Chorda tympani
D. Auriculotemporal nerve

22. Gag reflex is lost due to paralysis of______________?

A. V nerve
B. VII nerve
C. IX nerve
D. XII nerve

23. Parasympathetic nerve supply to salivary gland is by_______________?

A. IX & VII cranial Nerves
B. V & IX cranial Nerves
C. V & X cranial Nerves
D. IX & X cranial Nerves

24. Lacrimation is affected when facial nerve is injured at _____________?

A. Geniculate ganglion
B. Sphenopalatine ganglions
C. A & B
D. At foramen spinosum

25. The psterior belly of the digastric muscle is supplied by the_______________?

A. Facial nerve
B. Vagus nerve
C. Mylohyoid nerve
D. Inferior alveolar nerve

26. Cricothyroid is supplied by______________?

A. Recurrent laryngeal nerve
B. Internal laryngeal nerve
C. External laryngeal nerve
D. Hypoglossal nerve

27. Which of the following is innervated by the vagus nerve ?

A. The levator velti palatine ( levator palatini)
B. The psterior belly of digastric
C. Mylohyoid
D. The tensor veli palatine ( tensor palatini)

28. Nerve of pterygoid canal is formed by______________?

A. Symphathetic and lesser petrosal nerve
B. Symphatetic and greater superficial petrosal nerve
C. Chorda tympani
D. Jacobson’s nerve

29. Main nerve supply of palatine tonsils is_______________?

A. Lesser palatine nerve
B. Greater palatine nerve
C. Glossopharyngeal nerve
D. Facial nerve

30. Glossopharyngeal nerve supplies posterior part of tongue because it develops from_____________?

A. Hyoid arch
B. Tubercuum impar
C. Mandibular arch
D. Hypobranchial eminence