341. Ligamentum denticulaum is________________?
A. Only a pair of pial extension
B. A dural derivative
C. Arachnoid extension only
D. Extends to sacral segments only

342. the infrahyoid muscles are innervated by the_______________?
A. Ansa cervicalis
B. Hypoglossal nerve
C. Tenth cranial nerve
D. Ansa sublavia

343. Which of the following muscles has dual nerve supply ?
A. Digastric
B. Lateral pterygoid
C. Masseter
D. Temporalis

344. Which of the following accessory ligaments of the TMJ is likely to have significance upon mandibular movements ?
A. Sphenomandibular
B. Stylomandibular
C. Pterygomandibular
D. All of the above

345. Tensor palati is supplied by ________________?
A. Facial nerve
B. Trigeminal nerve
C. Glossopharyngeal nerve
D. Pharyngeal plexus

346. All of the following muscles retract scapula except_______________?
A. Trapezius
B. Rhomboid major
C. Rhomboid minor
D. Levator scapulae

347. All of the following muscles are attached to oblique line of thyroid cartilage except______________?
A. Superior constrictor
B. Inferior constrictor
C. Thyrohyoid
D. Sternothyroid

348. When the mouth is opened wide, modiolus becomes______________?
A. Mobile
B. Supple
C. Immobile
D. None of the above

349. Hyoglossus muscle inserts into_______________?
A. Tip of the tongue
B. Base of the tongue
C. Lateral part of the tongue
D. Hyoid bone

350. Sensory nerve supply of capsule of TMJ is _________________?
A. Auriculotemporal nerve
B. Facial nerve
C. Massetric nerve
D. Auricular nerve