631. Which Muscle is inserted into greater trochanter____.

A. Gluteus Maximus
B. Obturator Internus *
C. Psoad Major
D. Pectineus

632. Coticospinal fibers descend uncrossed upto____________.

A. Upper medulla
B. Lower Medullah *
C. Midbrain
D. Pons

633. Which retianl layer is not dervied from neuroblastic layer__________.

A. Rods and Cones
B. Pigmented epthelium
C. Bipolar cells *
D. Ganglion Cells

634. Which umbilical vessel disappears first ________

A. Right Umbilical artery
B. Left Umbilical artery
C. Righ Unbilical vein *
D. All simultaneously

635. Posterior Interosseous nerve is a branch of which nerve

A. Radial *
B. Median
C. Ulnar
D. Musculocutaneous

636. Content of deep perineal pouch in male is______________

A. Bulbouretheral gland
B. Membranous rthera
C. Internal Pudendal artery
D. ALL of the above *

637. Muscle inserted into lesser trochanter is

A. Psoas Major *
B. Obturator Internus
C. Gluteus Medius
D. Gluteus Mininus

638. Posterior Interventricular artery is a branch of

B. Circumflex
C. Right Coronary *
D. Left Coronary

639. Structure passing through aortic orifice besides aorta from abdomen to thorax is

A. Esophagus
B. Right Phrenic nerve
C. Thoracic Duct *
D. Azygous Vein

640. Sensory innervation of index finger is from _________.

A. C6
B. C7 *
C. C8
D. T1

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