311. which of the following muscles separates the carotid triangle from the digastric triangle ?
A. Anterior belly of the diagstric
B. Posterior belly of the digastric
C. Superior belly of omohyoid
D. Sternothyroid

312. Temporalis muscle is inserted into_________________?
A. Condylar process
B. Coronioid process
C. Linguula
D. Ramus of mandible nerve

313. Facial muscles are derived from_________________?
A. 1st branchial arch
B. 2ndbranchial arch
C. 3rdbranchial arch
D. 4thbranchial arch

314. Sternocleidomastoid and trapezius are supplied by__________________?
A. Grannial accessory
B. Spinal accessory
C. Vagus
D. Glossopharyngeal

315. Passavent’s muscle is formed by________________?
A. Palatoglossus
B. Palatopharyngeus
C. Styloglossus
D. Superior constrictor

316. The occipital bone provides attachment to all except ________________?
A. Trapezius
B. Ligamentum nuchae
C. Sternocleidomastoid
D. Rectus capitis

317. Posterior belly of digastric is attracted to__________________?
A. Styloid
B. Hyoid
C. Mastoid notch
D. Thyroid

318. The antagonistic muscle to superior rectus ______________?
A. Inferior oblique
B. Inferior rectus
C. Superior oblique
D. lateral rectus

319. Stapedius muscle is supplied by _________ nerve ?
A. Facial
B. Vagus
C. Glossopharyngeal
D. Trochlear

320. Muscle originating from scaphoid fossa is _____________?
A. Levator palatine
B. Tensor cculo
C. Palatoglossus
D. Superior constrictor

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