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121. TMJ is supplied by _______________?

A. Auriculotemporal nerve
B. Buccal branch of facial nerve
C. Inferior alveolar nerve
D. All of the above

122. The auriculotemporal nerve supplies which gland_____________?

A. Lacrimal gland
B. Parotid
C. Submandibular
D. Sublingual

123. All the following nerves are related to the mandible except_____________?

A. Lingual nerve
B. Auriculotemporal nerve
C. Chorda tympani
D. Mental nerve

124. Mandibular anterior division nerve has______________?

A. One sensory and all motor branches
B. One motor and all sensory branches
C. All motor branches
D. All sensory branches

125. Inferior alveolar nerve runs______________?

A. Medial to lateral pterygoid
B. From Infratemporal fossa
C. Lateral to medial pterygoid
D. Lateral to lateral pterygoid

126. Sensory supply of pinna is by _______ nerve?

A. Mandibular
B. Maxillary
C. Facial
D. Abducent

127. Which structure passes through infra orbital fissure______________?

A. Superior ophthalmic vein
B. Opthalmic artery
C. Trochlear nerve
D. Zygomatic nerve

128. Masseteric nerve is a branch of_______________?

A. Long buccal nerve
B. Mandibular division of trigeminal nerve
C. Maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve
D. Moor branch of the facial nerve

129. Injury to the right mandibular nerve as it passes though foramen ovale produces the following effects______________?

A. Loss of taste from the anterior 2/3 of tongue
B. Deviation of the tongue to the left
C. Deviation of chin to left when mouth is opened
D. Loss of general sensation to anterior 2/3 of tongue

130. Nerve which hooks around wharton’s duct is_______________?

A. Mylohyoid nerve
B. Lingual nerve
C. Auriculotemporal nerve
D. Inferior alveolar nerve