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71. Ptosis may occur due to damage to_______________?

A. Trochlear nerve
B. Occulomotor
C. Trigeminal nerve
D. Superior oblique muscle

72. Which of the following is false about otic parasympathetic ganglion ?

A. Secretomotor supply for the parotid gland
B. Situated at the floor of the infratemporal fossa
C. Has parasympathetic , sympathetic and sensory fibres
D. All of the above

73. Damage to occulomotor nerve causes all except_____________?

A. Ptosis
B. Miosis
C. Outward eye deviation
D. Diplopia

74. If the seventh nerve is damaged on the right side of the face______________?

A. the muscles of mastication would be denervated
B. the muscles of facial expression would be denervated
C. taste from the right anterior two thirds of the tongue would not be affected
D. sympathetic fibre to salivary gland would be interrupted

75. Parasympathetic ganglion in head are_______________?

A. Three pairs
B. Four pairs
C. Five pairs
D. Two pairs

76. Which of the following structures is least likely to be damaged during mandibular 3rd molar extraction___________?

A. Lingual artery
B. Lingual nerve
C. Inferior alveolar nerve
D. Inferior alveolar artery

77. Somatic efferent does not include______________?

A. Facial nerve
B. Oculomotor nerve
C. Abducens
D. Trochlear

78. Anterior ethmoidal nerve supplies all except______________?

A. Maxillary sinus
B. Inferior of nasal cavity
C. Dural sheath of anterior cranial fossa
D. Ethmoidal air cells

79. All of the following structures are in lateral wall of cavernous sinus except______________?

A. Occulomotor
B. Trochlear
C. Trigeminal
D. Ophthalmic

80. The occulomotor nerve supplies all the muscles of eye except_____________?

A. Lateral rectus
B. Superior oblique
C. Superior rectus
D. A & B