721. Esophagus passes through diaphgram at the level of _____________.

A. T8 Vertebra
B. T10 Vertebra *
C. T12 Vertebra
D. L1 Vertebra

722. Cerebellum is connected to mid brain by______________.

A. SCP *
D. Tentorium

723. Great vein of Gallen drains to _______________.

A. Straight Sinus *
B. Cavernous Sinus
C. Internal Jugular Vein
D. Occipital Sinus

724. Eustachian tube is opened by _______________.

A. Levator Palati *
B. Tensor Tympani
C. Stapedius
D. None

725. Hassle’s Corpuscle are found in ____________.

A. Spleen
B. Throid
C. Thymus *
D. Lymph Node

726. Muscle attachment is absent to _____________

A. Calcaneus
B. Talus *
C. Cuboid
D. Medial Cuneiform

727. All the muscles of soft palate are supplied by pharyageal aplexus except______.

A. Palatoglossus
B. Tensor Palati *
C. Muscularis uvulae
D. Palatopharyngeus

728. Depressor of mandible is_____________.

A. Medial Pterygoid
B. Lateral Pterygoid *
C. Masseter
D. Temporalis

729. Tip of coracoid process give attachment to _________.

A. Long head of biceps
B. short head of biceps *
C. Subscapularis
D. Teres Minor

730. Perineal membrane is pierced by all except__________.

A. Duct of greater vestibular gland *
B. Duct of bulbourethral gland
C. posterior scrotal arteries
D. Artery of bulb of penis.