371. All of the following statements regarding pharynx are correct except_____________?
A. The opening of auditory tube is located in the lateral wall of naxopharynx
B. The soft palate is at the level of separation of nasopharynx and the oropharynx
C. The pharynx is continuous with the esophagus at the level of sixth cervical vertebrae
D. The afferent limb of the gag reflex is 10th cranial nerve; the efferent limb is IX cranial nerve

372. Sphenoidal air sinus is supplied by which nerve______________?
A. Posterior ethmoidal
B. Posterior superior
C. Sphenoidal
D. Infratemporal

373. First sinus developed ______________?
A. Maxillary sinus
B. Frontal sinus
C. Sphenoidal sinus
D. Ethmoidal sinus

374. What is maxillary air sinus ?
A. Paranasal air sinus situated close to maxilla
B. Venous sins situated close to maxilla
C. Paranasal air sinus situated in maxilla
D. Venous sinus extending in to the maxilla

375. Soft palate is made up of________________?
A. Palatoglossus and palatopharyngeus
B. Uvula
C. Mucous membrane and muscles
D. All of the above

376. All the following muscles of larynx are supplied by the recurrent laryngeal nerve except________________?
A. Cricohyoid
B. Cricothyroid
C. Arytenoid
D. Aryepiglotticus

377. Abductors of larynx are_______________?
A. Posterior cricoarytendoids
B. Transverse arytenoids
C. Cricothyroid
D. All of the above

378. Lymph from lower lip – middle part drains directly into _______________?
A. Submandibular nodes
B. Submental nodes
C. Sublingual nodes
D. Preauricular nodes

379. Muscles which open the glottis are________________?
A. Cricothyroid
B. Thyroarytenoid
C. Posterior cricoarytenoid
D. Lateral cricoarytenoid

380. The nerve that is related to pyriform recess in pharynx__________________?
A. Rcurrent laryngeal
B. External laryngeal
C. Internal laryngeal
D. Glosso pharyngeal