681. The secreto motor fibers to parotid gland pass through_____________.

A. Otic Ganglion *
B. Geniculate Ganglion
C. Sphenoplatine ganglion
D. Gasseria ganglion.

682. Pronater teres is supplied by which nerve_____________.

A. Radial
B. Ulnar
C. Median *
D. Posterior interosseous

683. All the following drain to coronary sinus except_______________

A. Great Cardiac vein
B. Middle cardiac Vein
C. Anterior Cardiac Vein *
D. Small Cardiac Vein

684. Superior cerebral veins drain into __________.

A. Great Cerebral Vein
B. Superior sagittal sinus *
C. Inferior sagittal sinus
D. Vein of Gallen

685. Action of pectoralis major on humerus is___________.

A. Adduction
B. Medial rotation
C. Flexion
D. All of the above *

686. Theatlas vertebra is unique in having _________________.

A. No body *
B. Third Spine
C. Foramen transversalis
D. all of the above

687. The shoulder joint is weakest in_______________________.

A. Laterally
B. Medially
C. Below *
D. Infront

688. The first Permanent toothe to errupt is_________________.

A. First Molar *
B. First premolar
C. Lateral incisor
D. Medial Incisor

689. Carpal bones articulating with radius are ______________.

A. Scaphoid and capitalum
B. Lunate and scaphoid *
C. Lunate and Trapezium
D. Scaphoid and pisiform

690. The Humerus may be rotated laterally by _____________.

A. Deltoid *
B. Pectoralis Major
C. Supraspinatus
D. Subscapuullaris