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211. Tongue develops from which branchial arches ?

212. Anterior 2/3rd of tongue arises from____________?
A. Hypobranchial eminence
B. Two lingual swellings
C. Tuberculum impar
D. B & C

213. All are structures lying deep to the hyoglossus muscle except_____________?
A. Hypoglossal nerve
B. Lingual artery
C. Stylohyoid muscle
D. Geniohyoid muscle

214. In which of the following papillae of the tongue are the taste buds predominantly located ?
A. Circumvallate
B. Filiform
C. Foliate
D. Fungi form

215. When a patient protrudes his tongue, it deviated to the right. Which of the following nerves is damaged ?
A. Left hypoglossal
B. Glossopharyngeal
C. Right hypoglossal
D. Facial nerve

216. Hypoglossal nerve supplies to all the following muscles EXCEPT____________?
A. Palatoglossus
B. Genioglossus
C. Hyoglossus
D. Styloglossus

217. The mucosa of the posterior third of the tongue is supplied by______________?
A. Facial nerve
B. Trigeminal nerve
C. Mandibular nerve
D. Glossopharyngeal nerve

218. Structures related to the medial surface of the hyoglossus muscle in include the following EXCEPT_______________?
A. Glossopharyngeal nerve
B. Stylohyoid ligament
C. Lingual artery
D. Hypoglossal nerve

219. Base of the tongue is attached to the_____________?
A. Hyoid bone
B. Mandible
C. Hyoid bone and mandible
D. None of the above

220. The Tongue____________?
A. Separated from the epiglottis by gloss epiglottic folds
B. Contains foramen caecum which is present on the dorsum of frenulum
C. Contains 6 – 10 circumvallate papilla located posterior to sulcus terminals
D. Embryologically derives from 1st branchial arch only


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