251. Lateral part of middle cranial fossa and posterior cranial fossa are divided by ______________?
A. Petrous temporal bone
B. Croista galli
C. Transverse groove
D. Sphenoid bone

252. Bregma is the name given to the junction of the_______________?
A. Coronal and sagittal sutures
B. Frontal bone with the nasal bone
C. Lambdoid and sagittal sutures
D. Two parietal bones

253. Sublingual salivary gland lies______________?
A. Superior to mylohyoid
B. Inferior to mylohyoid
C. Deep to genioglossus
D. Deep to geniohyoid

254. Parotid duct traverses________________?
A. Masseter
B. Buccinator
C. Medial pterygoid
D. Lateral pterygoid

255. Deep part of submandibular salivary gland is in relation to _____________?
A. Facial Nerve
B. Lingual Nerve
C. Accessory Nerve
D. Mandibular Nerve

256. The preganglionic parasympathetic fibers for otic ganglion commence at________________?
A. Superior salivatory nucleus
B. Inferior salivatory nucleus
C. Nucleus of tractus solitarius
D. Lacrimatory nucleus

257. Sensory supply to soft palate is by all except______________?
A. Lesser Palatine nerve
B. Glossopharyngeal nerve
C. Vigus Nerve
D. Maxillary nerve

258. Lacrimal gland is supplied by which of the following ganglion_________________?
A. Otic ganglion
B. Ciliary ganglion
C. Sphenopalatine ganglion
D. Submandibular

259. Parathyroid glands are supplied by _____ artery?
A. Common Carotid
B. Superior thyroid
C. Middle thyroid
D. Inferior thyroid

260. The nerve supplying submandibular gland_________________?
A. V

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