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101. 7th,9th ,10thcranial nerves ends in____________?

A. Nucleus tractus solitarius
B. Nucleus ambigous
C. Dorsal nucleus of vagus
D. Long tract of trigeminal nerve

102. Which structure does not pass through the jugular foramen ?

A. Vagus nerve
B. Glossopharyngeal nerve
C. Accessory nerve
D. Internal carotid artery

103. All are sensory to the palate except_____________?

A. Maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve
B. Facial nerve
C. Glossopharyngeal nerve
D. Hypoglossal nerve

104. Which of the following is supplied by the glossopharyngeal nerve_____________?

A. Stylopharyngeus
B. Palatophary negus
C. Geniohyoid
D. Genioglossus

105. Preganglionic parasympathetic fibres travel to otic ganglion from_____________?

A. Facial nerve
B. Glossopharyngeal nerve
C. Trigeminal nerve
D. None of the above

106. Facial nerve supply all except_______________?

A. Lacrimal gland
B. Nasal gland
C. Submandibular gland
D. Parotid gland

107. The facial nerve _____________?

A. Arises from the medulla oblongata
B. Transverses through parotid gland
C. Suppleis muscles of mastication
D. Carries no taste fibres

108. Nerve supply of mucosa of larynx is_______________?

A. External laryngeal
B. Internal laryngeal
C. Recurrent laryngeal
D. B & C

109. Damage to internal laryngeal nerve results in_____________?

A. Hoarseness
B. Loss of timbre of voice
C. Anesthesia of the larynx
D. Breathing difficulty

110. Which of the following supplies structures in head, neck, thorax and abdomen ?

A. Internal carotid artery
B. 12th cranial nerve
C. Vagus nerve
D. Accessory cranial