531. Which of the following arteries does not supply the circle of Willis ?
A. Anterior cerebral
B. Middle cerebral
C. Posterior – inferior cerebrat
D. Posterior communicating

532. First branch of external carotid artery is______________?
A. Facial artery
B. Ascending pharyngeal artery
C. Occipital artery
D. Lingual artery

533. The main arterial trunk supplying the infra temporal fossa is_______________?
A. Infratemporal artery
B. Deep temporal artery
C. Maxillary artery
D. Posterior superior alveolar artery

534. Lingual artery is a branch of _____________?
A. Internal carotid artery
B. External carotid artery
C. Subclavian artery
D. Maxillary artery

535. Common cartotia artery divides to ICA & ECA at______________?
A. Cricoid cartilage
B. Thyroid cartilage
C. 1st tracheal ring
D. Cricothyroid membrane

536. Facial artery is a branch of the________________?
A. Internal carotid artery
B. External carotid artery
C. Superficial temporal
D. Maxillary artery

537. Arterial supply of Submandibular gland is through which branch of ECA________________?
A. Ascending pharyngeal
B. Superior pharyngeal
C. Maxillary
D. None of the above

538. Pulsations felt in the suprasternal space are probably due to ____________?
A. Subclavian artery
B. Common carotid artery
C. Inferior thyroid artery
D. Vertebral artery

539. The common carotid artery may be palpated at_______________?
A. Hyoid bone
B. Upper border of thyroid cartilage
C. Transverse process of C5
Transverse process of C6

540. Which is the only medial branch of the external carotid artery ?
A. Superior thyroid
B. Lingual
C. Internal maxillary
D. Ascending pharyngeal