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161. Lymph from the teeth drains into all of the following nodes EXCEPT______________?

A. Sub mandibular nodes
B. Deep cervical nodes
C. Retro pharyngeal nodes
D. Sub mental nodes

162. The blood supply of tonsils is_____________?

A. Lingual artery
B. Superior thyroid artery
C. Facial artery
D. Pharyngeal artery

163. The middle meningeal artery is associated with which foramen____________?

A. ovale
B. Rotundum
C. Stylomastoid
D. Spinosum

164. The terminal branches of the external carotid artery are______________?

A. Superficial temporal and transverse facial
B. Transverse facial and maxillary
C. Posterior auricular and maxillary
D. Superficial temporal and maxillary

165. Carotid sheath contains all except______________?

A. Vagus nerve
B. Internal carotid artery
C. Common carotid artery
D. External carotid artery
E. Internal jugular vein

166. Transverse facial artery is a branch of_______________?

A. Superficial temporal
B. Maxillary
C. Facial
D. Internal carotid artery

167. The retromandibular vein is formed by_______________?

A. Superficial temporal and maxillary veins
B. Superficial temporal and internal jugular vein
C. Superficial temporal and supratrochlear
D. Maxillary and posterior auricular

168. Which of the following is not a branch of the external carotid artery ?

A. Opthalmic artery
B. Pharyngeal artery
C. Maxillary artery
D. Lingual artery

169. Facial artery arises at the level of________________?

A. aboe hyoid bone
B. Hyoid bone
C. Above Styloid process
D. Below hyoid bone

170. Danger area of face is called because of connection of facial veins to cavernous sinus through______________?

A. Transverse facial vein
B. Superior ophthalmic vein
C. Maxillary vein
D. Ethmoidal vein


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