661. Inversion of supinator jerk implies lesion at_______________.

A. C3C4
B. C4C5
C. C5C6 *
D. C7C8

662. Collecting tubles in kidney develop from__________.

A. Paramesonephric duct
B. Ureteric Bud *
C. Wolffian Duct
D. Mesonephric Duct

663. Lateral medullary syndrome is caused by thrombosis of_____________.

A. Anterior choroidal artery
B. Cavernous sinus
C. Posterior inferior cerebellar artery *
D. Posterior cerebral artery

664. Chamber of heart lying infront of esophagus is____________.

A. Right atrium
B. Left artrium *
C. Left Ventricle
D. Right Ventricle

665. All are true of adrenal gland except_________________.

A. Both drain to inferior venacava *
B. Both are supplied by 3 arteries
C. average weight 5 grams
D. Right gland is pyramidal

666.The left ureter is related to all except_____________.

A. Gonadal vessels
B. Quardratus lomborum *
C. Sigmoid mesocolon
D. Internal Iliac artery

667. Knee Jerk is primarily served by___________.

A. L1
B. L2
C. L3 *
D. L4

668. Deep circumflex iliac artery is branch of ______________.

A. Internal Iliac
B. External Iliac *
C. Femoral
D. Inferior Epigastric

669. Proximal Convoluted tubule develops from ___________.

A. Mesonephric Duct
B. Metanephric Tubules *
C. Mesonephtric Tubules
D. Ureteric Bud

670. Superior Malleolar ligament connects ________.

A. Malleus to incus
B. Head of Malleus to roof of epitympanum *
C. Incus to fossa uncudis
D. Malleus to fossa uncidis.