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11. International Relations is the study of:
A. Relations among states
B. Relations among individuals
C. Relations among citizens of a state

12. International Relations was branch of which discipline?
A. Sociology
B. International Law
C. Political Science

13. Two mainstream theories of IR include:
A. Professionalism and Individualism
B. Realism and Idealism
C. Rule of Law and Equality

14. Whose name is associated with Realism Theory:
A. Karl Marx
B. Hans Morgenthau
C. Woodrow Wilson

15. Woodrow Wilson was proponent of:
A. Realism
B. Constructivism
C. Idealism

16. International Relations is comparatively _____ discipline:
A. New
B. Ancient
C. Old

17. Idealism primarily believes in:
A. War and Conflict
B. Trade and Cooperation
C. Cold War

18. Realism primarily believes in:
A. War and Conflict
B. Trade and Cooperation
C. Cold War

19. War is considered as:
A. Diplomacy by other means
B. Unwanted
C. Both (A) & (B)

20. World War II began in the year:
A. 1929
B. 1939
C. 1949