981. Which country has partnered with Australia in conducting the Worlds 1st trial on producing Hydrogen from Brown Coal?
A. India
C. Japan
D. China

982. In which country the India Energy Office has been inaugurated?
A. Japan
B. India
D. Russia

983. Hamed Bakayoko, who has passed away recently was the serving Prime Minister of which country?
A. Madagascar
B. Ghana
C. Ivory Coast
D. Sierra Leone

984. Which country is the largest crude oil supplier to India?
B. Nigeria
C. Iraq

985. India has surpassed which country to become the fourth largest foreign-exchange reserves in the world?
A. Russia
C. Japan
D. France

986. The Foreign Exchange Reserve of which country is the largest in the world, as per the recent data of IMF?
A. Singapore
B. Switzerland
C. China
D. Japan

987. Which country has taken over Saudi Arabia to become the second-largest oil supplier of India as of February 2021?
B. Israel
C. Japan
D. United States

988. Which country has recently suspended the use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine?
A. Russia
B. Pakistan
C. Nepal
D. Netherland

989. Samia Suluhu Hassan has sworn in as the first female President of which country?
A. Burundi
B. Zambia
C. Tanzania
D. Uganda

990. Who has become the World’s Biggest Wealth Gainer as per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index?
A. Gautam Adani
B. Elon Musk
C. Mukesh Ambani
D. Jeff Bezos