1301. The establishment of a common European currency was part of the :

A. Jamaica accords
B. Maastricht treaty *
C. Berlin Protocol
D. Single European act

1302. An arrangement under which a country fixes the value of its currency in terms of some “hard” currency such as the US Dollar is known as :

A. A crawling peg
B. A currency board *
C. A composite basket supported by a fixed peg
D. A crawling Band

1303. IMF conditionality :

A. Invovles IMF loans to a developing country only if the developing country agrees to follow Macroeconomic policies approved by IMF:
B. Involves IMF loans to a developing country only if the developing country agrees to join the IMF and the united Nations (UN)
C. Is seen as a threat to national sovereignty by developing countries
D. A an C *

1304. Which three former soviet republics on 27 june 2014 signed European union (EU) that are expected to help them overcome their post-soviet legacy of corruption and debt ?

A. Georgia, Moldova, and serbia
B. Georgia, Estonia and Ukraine
C. Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine *
D. None of these

1305. On June 5, 2014, the 40th Summit of the Group of Seven (G7) countries came to an end. Which city hosted this two-day summit?

A. Brussels, Belgium *
B. Copenhagen, Denmark
C. Berlin, Germany
D. None of these

1306. Group of 77 developing countries plus china ( G77+China) summit to be held on 14 and 15 june 2014 in ___________?

A. Brasilia (Brazil)
B. Santa Cruz (Bolivia) *
C. Santiago (Chile )
D. None of these

1307. The president of world bank has always been nominated by the _______?

A. European Union
B. United Nations
C. United states *
D. European commission united states

1308. Which among the following will be the base currency for BRICS new development bank?

A. US Dollar *
B. Rupee
C. Yuan
D. Russian Ruble

1309. Kip is the currency of _______ Country ?

A. Vietnam
B. Laos *
C. Cambodia
D. Thai land

1310. An index that estimates the true rate of exchange among currencies is :

A. Human development index
B. Exchange rate
C. Purchasing power parity *
D. None of the above