1081. Who is the current Mexican President ?

A. Felipe calderon
B. Vincente fox
C. Andres manuel lopez obrador *
D. None of these

1082. Who won the Noble prize 2018 For peace?

A. Dr. Denis Mukwege/Nadia Murad *
B. International Campaign to abolish nuclear weapons
C. Donna Strickland
D. None of these

1083. The Boko Haram Militant group is active in which country?

A. Sudan
B. Nigeria *
C. Somalia
D. None of these

1084. Considering ” Offensive” and “Defensive realism” Which of these statements is not correct ?

A. Offensive realism defines the international system as an environment in which state seek to achieve security through the acquisition of power .
B. Defensive realism regards cooperation as the way in which states can achieve security
C. Both Defensive realism and offensive realism regard power and competition as a means by which security can be achieved for the state. *
D. Offensive realism posits that states will try to establish hegemony wherever they can.

1085. The Brooklyn named after ________.

A. Breuckelen, A village in the Netherland *
B. Breuckelen, A seaport in the spain
C. Breuckelen, A town in portugal
D. None of these

1086. The chinese cultural renaissance was a movement promoted in _____.

A. Xinjiang
B. Hong Kong
C. Taiwan *
D. None of these

1087. Which of the following are features of paris agreement ?

A. The agreement is mostly mitigation centric
B. The Paris Agreement acknowledges the significance of living sustainably.
C. The agreement recognizes the principles of equity and common but differentiated responsibilities
D. Both B and C *

1088. Jamal Khashoggi, A well-known Journalist was killed in the saudi arabian embassy that was located in ?

A. Egypt
B. Turkey *
C. Syria
D. None of these

1089. A classic example of brinkmanship is _______.

A. The cuban Missile crises *
B. The Iran Iraq war
C. Russia- Ukrine sea clash
D. None of these

1090. Abkhazia and south Ossetia got Independence from_____.

A. Russia
B. Georgia *
C. Turkey
D. None of these