1401. MNCs do not increase :

A. Competition
B. Price war
C. Quality
D. None of the above *

1402. This helps to create an opportunity for the producers to reach beyond the domestic market :

A. Foreign trade *
B. Domestic trade
C. Internal trade
D. Trade barrier

1403. Foreign trade :

A. Increase choice of goods
B. Decreass prices of goods
C. Increases competition in the market
D. Decreases earnings *

1404. Globalisation was stimulated by :

A. Money
B. Transportation *
C. Population
D. Computers

1405. Production of services across countries has been facilitated by :

A. Money
B. Machine
C. Labor
D. Information and communication technology *

1406. Tax on imports is an example of :

A. Investment
B. Disinvestment
C. Trade barrier *
D. Privatization

1407. Liberalization does not include :

A. Removing trade barriers
B. Liberal policies
C. Introducing quota system *
D. Disinvestment

1408. The ideal of internationalism involves :

A. Total abandonment of nationalism
B. Partial abandonment of nationalism
C. Adquate recognition of cultural distinctiveness of nations *
D. Decrecognition of cultural disinctiveness

1409. Marxain view treats international politics as an extension of class war in :

A. Global perspective *
B. National perspective
C. Societal perspective
D. None of the above

1410. Which one of the following is not an input function of political system ?

A. Political communication
B. Political recruitment
C. Interest Articulation
D. Rule adjudication