621. The British Secretary of Foreign Affairs A. Balfour announced British support to establish Jewish state in Palestine in:
A. November 2, 1917
B. October 7, 1916
C. December 2, 1918
D. None of these

622. To cripple British Communication with India, Napoleon organized military expedition to Egypt in:
A. 1798
B. 1789
C. 1898
D. None of these

623. LAIA stands for:
A. Latin American Integration Association
B. Latin American Information Agency
C. Latin American Investment Association
D. None of these

624. Arab League was established on:
A. 22nd March 1945
B. 22nd April 1945
C. 22nd February 1945
D. None of these

625. The Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT-I) was signed in:
A. 1972
B. 1971
C. 1974
D. None of these

626. The headquarter of Asian Development Bank (ADB) is located in:
A. Bangkok
B. Manila
C. Singapore
D. None of these

627. International Relations during 1648—1945 were characterized by:
A. Bi-polar system
B. Multi-polar system
C. Uni-polar system
D. None of these

628. ECOSOC has been established under chapter______of the UN charter:
A. V
C. X
D. None of these

629. “Politics among Nations” was written by:
A. K.J.Holstai
B. Hans Morgenthau
C. Frederick Hartman
D. None of these

630. The author of famous book, “Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy” is:
A. Gerald Ford
B. Henry Kissinger
C. Ronald Reagan
D. None of these

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