771.How many official working language are recognized by UNO?
A. 8
C. 7
D. 4

772. SAARC was established in: (CSS 2011)
E.None of these

773. UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon is from: (CSS 2010)
A. Burma
C. South Korea
D. None of these

774.WTO was formed in: (CSS 2010)
A. 1990
C. 1995
D. None of these

775.ASEAN summit 2008 took place in: (CSS 2009)
A. Bangkok
C. Philippines
D. None of these

776.The UN charter in 1945 was drawn up in: (CSS 2009)
A. New York
B. San Francisco
C. Washington
D. None of these

777.What do OAU, OAS, ASEAN have in common? (CSS 1991)
A. They are military alliances
B. They are agencies of the United Nations
C. They are regional organizations.
D. None of these

778.The commonwealth is: (CSS 1991)
A. A UN sponsored body
B. A part of the British Empire
C. A free association of like-minded sovereign states
D. None of these

779.UN Security Council consists of: (CSS 1992)
A. 11 members
B. 15 members
C. 19 members
D. None of these

780.Dag Hammarskjold was: (CSS 1992)
A. Swedish tennis player
B. Composer of Symphonies
C. Secretary General of the UNO
D. None of these