881. “News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code”, which was making news, is associated with which country?
A. United States
B. Australia
C. China

882. Sri Lanka will develop the West Container Terminal at the Colombo port along with which other two countries?
A. US and UK
B. UK and Japan
C. US and Japan
D. India and Japan

883. Which organization recently named India as the ‘biggest over performer’ with regards to frontier technologies?

884. Which country has suspended its Defence cooperation with Myanmar, over its recent military takeover?
A. New Zealand
B. Australia
C. United Kingdom
D. India

885. Warren Edward Buffett is the CEO of which company?
A. Tesla
B. Microsoft
C. Disney
D. Berkshire Hathaway

886. Which country has recently approved its 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025)?
A. India
B. China

887. Which of the following is NOT a critique of behaviorism?

A.The basic questions of humanity and society are neglected.
B.The attention to methods has overwhelmed the substance of the research.
C.The focus is only on quantifiable aspects of international relations.
D. The lack of funding and time for research limits the behavioralist researchers.

888. What amongst the following is the main thrust of Neo-liberalism?
A.To place market efficiencies as foundation for political freedom and to argue for a limited role for the State
B. Commitment to an autonomous attitude to State, society and individual
C. To accord priority to the will of the majority
D. To extend power of a State beyond its borders

889. Sovereignty is the supreme will of the state are the words of __________

A. Austin
B. Locke
C. Laski
D. Willoughby

890. De facto Sovereignty in England resides in __________

A. House of lords
B. Prime minister
C. Queen
D. House of commons