381. The U-2 incident occurred in:
A. 1960
B. 1962
C. 1965
D. None of these

382. Which country of the world borders most neighbours:
A. Russia
B. China
C. Canada
D. None of these
The answer is A and B. China and Russia each share a common border with 14 other countries.

383.Which of these countries Field Castro rules:
A. Brazil
B. Cuba
C. Haiti
D. None of these

384. Paul Bremer:
A. A Hollywood Actor
B. A British politician
C. U.S. Administrator in Iraq
D. None of these

385. Javier Solana:
A. Spanish Foreign Minister
B. President of Argentina
C. Foreign Policy spokesman of the European Community
D. None of these

386. Saeed-ul-Sahaf:
A. A Saudi Minister
B. Palestinian leader
C. Information Minister of Ex-President Saddam
D. None of these

387. Saeb Erekat:
A. Palestinian negotiator
B. Turkish Minister of Tourism
C. President of Cyprus
D. None of these

388. Abdul Kalam:
A. Minister of Bangladesh
B. Pak. Rep in Geneva
C. Indian President
D. None of these

389. Maliha Lodhi:
A. Pak. Ambassador to U.S.A.
B. Editor of the NEWS
C. Pak. High Commissioner to U.K.
D. None of these

390. Gerhard Schroeder:
A. Chancellor of Germany
B. Prime Minister of Poland
C. President of Slovakia
D. None of these

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