1391. Which of the following is also known as international bank for reconstruction and development ?

D. World bank *

1392. WTO stands for :

A. World trade organization *
B. World transport organization
C. World tariff organization
D. Women teachers organization

1393. _______ means integrating the domestic economy with the world economy :

A. Globalisation *
B. Privatization
C. Liberalization
D. Disinvestment

1394. Which of the World Bank’s soft lending subsidiaries is it?

A. IDA *

1395. Which country has the largest GDP in th world ?

A. Japan
B. Germany
C. China
D. USA *

1396. The long-term absolute decline of employment in manufacturing is known as :

A. Underemployment
B. Manufacturing shift
C. Deindustrialization *
D. Secondary decline

1397. Which of the following is not an element of the A.T kearney index of globalisation ?

A. Economic integration
B. Sporting connections *
C. Technological connectivity
D. Political engagement

1398. Globalization has been accompanied by :

A. Re-imposition of mercantilist strategies
B. The entry of all the world’s nations into the global market
C. The spread of english as an international language *
D. Greater isolation among competing scientists

1399. The following are all forms of resistance to globalization, with the exception of:

A. Rising nationalism in some areas
B. Large-scale protests
C. State support for local traditions
D. A global ban on outsourcing *
E. Religious fundamentalism

1400. International communication in the late 20th century has been significantly improved by :

A. The advent of computers
B. Digitalization *
C. Telephones
D. Email and cell phones
E. Airline travel