901. ‘Everything for the State, nothing against the State, nothing outside the State” sums up the philosophy of:
C.Fabian Socialism
D. Guild Socialism

902. The “Power house” of cell is ….byAtif Ali Dayo
A. Cytoplasm
B. Mitochondria
C. Golgi Bodies
D.Non of these

903. Member of the same species living in the same place at the same time make a;
A. Habitat
D. Population

904. Which hormone helps in sucking of milk from Breasts?
A. Prolactin
C. Parathyroid
D. Oxytocin

905. Which of the following has the highest refractive index?
A. Ruby
B. Glass
C. Diamond
D. Common Salt

906. Pakistan’s saving rate is
A. 35
B. 25
C. 5
D. 15

907. The mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide is called?
A. Water gas
B. Hydrogen gas
C. Natural gas
D.All of these

908. In the electrolysis of water which is collect at cathode?
A.Nitrogen gas
B. Hydrogen gas
C.Oxygen gas
D. None of these

909. Détente means:
A. An alliance
B. Relaxation of tensions
C. Cooperation between states
D. None of these

910. OIC is:
A. A specialized agency of the UN
B. A regional organization
C. An organization of Muslim states
D. None of these

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