561.Deterrence is resulted in…………
A. Increase in danger of war
B. Danger of warfare
C. Increase in population
D. None of these

562.Peace theory armament is slogan of…..
A. International Brother hood
B. Deterrence
C. International Law
D. None of these

563.Which one of the following events would nationalism help explain?
A.The disintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.
B. The rise of the Ottoman Empire.
C. The partitioning of East and West Germany after World War II.
D. The colonization of India by the British.

564.The past two decades of globalisation has seen rapid movements in:
A. Goods, services and people between countries
B. Goods, services and investments between countries
C. Goods, investments and people between countries
D. None of these

565.When a country grants another country MFN (most favored nation) status in mutual trade, it implies
A. Providing same trade concessions as are being given to other countries
B. Trade will be through exchange of commodities rather than foreign exchange
C. Imports and exports payments will be in local currencies only

566.The “One Belt, One Road initiative” has been proposed by China for __?
A. Defence Cooperation
B. International Travel & Tourism
C. Investment and Trade Promotion
D. None of them

567.Fair globalisation would mean:
A. fair opportunities for all
B. fair benefits for all
C. more support to small producers
D. all of the above

568.Which country has largest shadow banking market in the world?
A. China
D. Netherland

569. Government can make globalisation more ‘fair’ by:
A. increasing competition
B. increasing employment
C. implementing the labour laws
D. imposing trade barriers

570.Globalisation opportunities for paid work for women has denied them:
A. good health
B. good education
C. permanent job
D. none of these