1171. According to Aristotle state is ______.

A. A divine institution
B. An aritificial creation
C. A creation of force
D. Natural institution *

1172. Which one of the following thinkers is associate with the idealist theory of state ?

A. Hobbes
B. Hegel *
C. J.S. Mill
D. Laski

1173. _________ is pioneer of Neo-realism :

A. Kenneth Waltz *
B. Hans Joachim Morgenthau
C. Buzuri
D. Prebish

1174. Theory of realism is connected with ___________.

A. Acquiring power and security *
B. Theory of class war
C. Theory of National interest
D. Theory of Behaviorism

1175. Idealistic theory is theory of _________.

A. Balance theory
B. One sided theory
C. Based on idealism *
D. Value base theory

1176. Which of the following is Neo-liberalism’s central tenet?

A. To argue for a limited role for the state and to base political freedom on market efficiency*
B. To commit to an autonomous attitude toward the state, society, and individual
C. To give priority to the will of the majority
D. To give a state power beyond its borders

1177. Neoliberals:

A. Emphasize the significance of international institutions in reducing international conflict.
B. Are pessimistic above international operations
C. Agree with realists that are unitary actors
D. Both A and C
E. None of these *

1178. Early liberalism stood for :

A. Religious toleration *
B. Recognition of the divine of kings
C. Everything medieval in politics and philosophy
D. Economic equality

1179. Apartheid is :

A. An international brotherhood
B. A policy of racial discrimination *
C. A medical term
D. None of these

1180. Neocolonialism is :

A .colony being transferred from one colonial power to another
B. The subsequent round of African colonization following Latin America’s independence
C. African colonization that occurred in the nineteenth century rather than the eighteenth
D. None of these *