711. Euro-Communism is
A. splintered legacy of Leninism
B. an essentially European brand of Socialism
C. un-democratic in form and nature

712. Non-alignment movement has
A. accomplished its purpose
B. been shelved for good
C. gone into low profile

713. Cold war has
A. taken a new form
B. gone into recess
C. become meaningless

714. Economic destiny of world is controlled by
A. industrially advanced countries
C. Multinational Corporations

715. Organization of Islamic Conference
A. is now a skeleton without flesh
B. is totally ineffective body
C. has obtained tremendous results

716. Ulan Bator is in
A. Tibet
B. Russia
C. Outer Mongolia

717. What was the main goal of the Truman Doctrine?
A. Elimination of communism
B. Implementation of the “Domino Theory.”
C. Containment of communism
D. Reconstruction of Western Europe after World War Ii
E. Assistance to British colonies in Africa

718.The immediate cause of the U.S. military involvement in the Korean peninsula in 1950 was the
A. crossing of the Yalu River by the Chinese “volunteers.’
B. Japanese invasion of Manchuria.
C. creation of the DMZ (demilitarized zone) along the 38th parallel.
D. acquisition of a nuclear weapons by North Korea.
E. attack by North Korea on South Korea.

719.The coining of the term iron curtain is attributed to which leader?
A. Harry Truman
B. George Marshall
C. Dwight Eisenhower
D. Winston Churchill

720.All of the following events contributed to Cold War tensions EXCEPT the
A. United States airlift of food to the citizens of Berlin
B. massive economic support for western Europe through the Marshall Plan.
C. rejection of the Treaty of Versailles by the isolationist Senate
D. United support of the Greek monarchy in 1947
E. the establishment of the defensive North Atlantic Treaty Organization